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Here are my favorites out of the shots I took this weekend. :)

Names in captions.



Augusto Deoliviera of Griffin Shepherd Kennels in MA is a fraudulent animal abuser.

He’s been selling his ‘top of the line’ German Shepherd puppies under false pretenses, his dogs have NEVER been OFA or DM tested/certified, and it was recently found out that he’s lied about at least one of his…


Finnish spitz puppy (by Niera)


[Dalmatian] [Whippet] [Mastiff] [Rottweiler] [Labrador Retriever] [Weimaraner] [Dobermann]

A long or fluffy coat is a recessive trait that can pop up in many breeds that are traditionally short-coated. Coated types of these dogs are often condemned by breed clubs when it falls out of standard, but some can be seen more commonly outside of the US (coated Weimaraners are much more popular in the UK and across Europe than in the US).

More about recessive long coats and gene testing.

Dog coat genetics.


Photo credit to Fotografie Vicky Groebl 


You Can't Cure MY Fear By Shoving Cookies at Me! - eileenanddogs

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