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Belgian Shepherds AKA Belgian Sheep Dogs - I want the Badass on the right.


Pongosauras Rex ❤️


Hi guys, I know as FP mods we probably aren’t supposed to do this but last night Aiko, my friend’s Shiba Inu was stolen by her ex-boyfriend (pictured on the right in the last photo). Aiko was stolen in the northern Seattle area but it’s likely she’s being held in south Seattle or Renton. It’s also possible she’s in the Mill Creek area. Aiko has a small amount of black on her back and the tip of her tail and was last seen wearing a pink harness and black and pink leash.

If you have any information or see her with this man, please contact orpheus.faust@gmail.com and Seattle PD (tell the police it’s regarding incident #14-317134). Aiko means the world to her and she just wants her dog back.

Anonymous said: do you have any tips on draining a dogs energy quickly? i have an early morning boat trip in a week and my dog has to be in a kennel for four hours and she's really high energy but i don't have enough time in the morning to take her for a run. 


Personally, I find tiring a high-energy dog out with just physical exercise is a losing game - all you end up with is a very well conditioned who needs even more exercise to tire them out.

Instead, I use mental games to tire them out. Sniffing in new places with lots of interesting smells is a good one, 101 things to do with a box, ladder games, or trick training (I usually do disc tricks) all work wonders at tiring a dog out.

Something very important to remember!




pugs are cute until you remember humans are breeding a type of dog that commonly suffers from a plethora of frequent and significant health issues and an inability to breathe properly and is basically just destined to a life of pain

Please look as this pug skull:


Here are my favorites out of the shots I took this weekend. :)

Names in captions.

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