'Primum non nocere'

A stash of various paraphernalia to satiate the fellow cynology connoisseur.
FULL PELT aims to serve as a diverse educational resource for the general tumblr community; from the average lay person seeking to learn the basics, to experienced trainers and otherwise keen parties interested in enhancing their knowledge or discussing advanced topics.
We hope to pay homage to the harmony inspired by successful, mutually-symbiotic human-animal partnerships—those founded on trust, communication and collaboration—as captured through art and the written word, in its many forms.

Refer to the disclaimer for more information on FULL PELT, and to view our copyright statement.

Feel free to submit a photo of your own dog/s, or possibly share an article you wish to see gain exposure.
Breed suggestions welcome!
For a full comprehensive list of shelters and breed-specific rescues in Australia, visit PetRescue.com.au.
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