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It’s never appropriate to Alpha Roll a dog regardless of how calmly you are doing it.  In dogspeak this is a serious threat and dogs only do this when they are threatening to kill each other. Doing so will seriously damage your relationship with your dog and make your dog percieve you as threatening. Depending on the temperment of your dog, this can cause your dog to shut down (in the case of “soft” dogs) or cause your dog to lash out aggressively towards you (in the case of “hard” dogs) Alpha rolling and other aspects of dominance theory are based on a very flawed study on wolves done in the 1970s, which at this point in time has been completely disproved.

For further information on dominance theory, it’s flaws, and why it is no longer considered valid within the behavioral science community see the following links:

Misconceptions of the Mythical Alpha Dog

The History and Misconceptions of Dominance Theory

Alpha wolf.pdf
Dog Whisperer Controversy part 1
Dog Whisperer Controversy part 2

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