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I’d just like to start out by saying thank you for your refreshing views on dog training.  I used to use a prong collar for my dog.  The obedience instructor I went to suggested it and it worked very well for a friend’s dog, so I decided to try it out.  Jayne learned quickly and walked perfectly on it and, since she never once yelped in pain, I assumed it wasn’t hurting her.  She was always excited when I got the prong collar out because she knew she was going for a walk and she was always happy and wagging her tail when we’d walk around the neighborhood.  She never showed any signs of not liking the collar, so I continued to use it.  After reading your articles on them, however, I started noticing things around me.  I’ve seen dogs squeal and thrash with the collar on, one time a Great Dane became violently ill because he was so afraid of it.  I see owners tugging and pulling at it as if it’s just a regular old collar that isn’t digging into their dogs skin.  Every other dog I see has a prong collar and every other owner I see that uses it seems to have a temper on them.  It’s a growing epidemic that I’m not doing anything to solve by continuing to use the prong collar, so I made the choice the switch my dog to a harness instead.  I figure if people see more dogs walking well on a comfortable, painless harness instead of a pinch collar, maybe their first choice will be something healthier for their dog.  Jayne was always confident, but she is defiantly showing signs of being more secure now that I’ve switched over.  This fall I’m going to start working as a dog trainer, so I hope to erase the idea of prong/choke/shock collars from anybody’s training regime.

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